2011-11-23 Milk Hill

Snatched another flyable window.  Unable to get away early in the day I arrived at Milk around 1.30pm to find a few pilots flying.  It was top end and with a few pilots pined a little too far south to want to fly I held off.  The conditions improved and the wind dropped to 14-18mph and veered a little more to be SW’ly and bang on.  I launched but it was still quite strong aloft and therefore stayed out front.  It was quite nice for 30mins of flying and landing down by the track on the southerly slope to collect my car.  Met up with Tommy.  I had a test flight of the new Zunzun mini Paraglider and was great fun.


2011-11-17 Milk Hill

Not a bad way to start the day before work on a late November day in 2011. This is a commute I don’t mind.

Wind was on the Milk Hill bowl and 16-19mph, toping 22mph later whereby the speed wings took over.

Featuring a few speed wings and the new mini paraglider hybrid call ZunZun 21m2.

A good two hours soaring.

2011-11-13 Lardon Chase

After a successful flying afternoon on Saturday the wind remained strong in the morning.  Watching the wind drop later in the day Bob Johnston and myself headed to Lardon Chase which is a SE’ly GAP site to try for the first time.  I arrived at 3.30pm and it was light and just sufficient for a few top to bottoms but I found it a really pleasant site to fly.


2011-11-12 Mercury

After watching the conditions all day which were foggy and SE’ly I hoped that this would change throughout the day.  By early afternoon the fog lifted and the wind direction was moving round to the East.  I took a gamble with Richard Chambers and headed to Mercury (SkySurfers) site and met a few local pilots.  The conditions by 3.30pm came on perfect and we flew until just after sunset.  It was my first flight on Mercury and really enjoyed it.  Very smooth conditions and the wind picked up stronger later in the day.


2011-10-28 Winching day at South Cerney

Early fog cleared by late morning to reveal a lovey sunny day for winching at South Cerney.  It was a light wind day so I joined Cloudbase Paragliding and got pinged up for some circuits of the field. Very smooth conditions and a few nil wind launches but great practice.



2011-10-18/19 Alicante, Spain

Fantastic trip with http://www.Doyouwanna.com and with Nick as our guide.  Went with the boys for a 5 day trip to Alicante.  On the Monday we went to Palomaret which is a gorgeous hill in the mountains.  That evening it was a little strong and off the hill but some of the group flew.

Next day we went back to Palomaret and it was still too strong in the morning so we went to the coast of Alicante and flew most of the day until sunset it was gorgeous.  Very smooth conditions enough to get high above the ridge and run down the coast towards the lighthouse and then out to sea and back, many times.

Wednesday we went to Calpe near Benidorm which is a lovely site too where you can land back on the beach however it was too strong so we did some hill walking and touring about and had lunch at a lovely marina.  Later that day we went back to Palomaret and conditions where fine and we arrived to see gliders flying high.  It was a chance to set up quick and launch.  It was fantastic and incredible place to fly.  First landing at the top then at the end of the day launched in much lighter and less thermic conditions and struggled to stay up and eventually bombed out at the bottom landing field.  Great day!

Thursday it was too strong to fly so we went sightseeing.

Friday was a very unstable air mass and Cu Nbs around all over the place and thunder.  We did some more sightseeing, ice cream’s and headed off to catch our flight back late evening.

Great holiday!

2011-10-15 Tan Hill

Janine and Harry our dog and myself arrived at the barn at the bottom of Milk to see some flying on Tan Hill.  The wind was SE’ly so made lots of sense for a trundle up the hill meeting up with a few fellow pilots en route.  Met up with Lee and Cloudbase and my wingman John and enjoyed late morning and early afternoon fly.  Earlier it was easy to get height but later on became quite light at times and made staying up a little more tricky.  Late afternoon some of those flying on White Horse made a mad dash in a thermal and flew overhead which was great to see.  As always the lovely flight back down to the barn to end the day.  Oh and the smell of Harry who had rolled in fox poo!!!

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