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2011-11-20 Tan Hill

Arrived at Tan Hill around 10am and in thick fog as forecast.  It was set to clear and held out.  Met up with wingman John and we headed up around lunchtime to the top of Tan and later me up with a few others.  We held off until the fog cleared later in the afternoon and by 2.30pm the sun came out.  I had to leave early and therefore it was a short flight and then fly down to the barn and landing next to the car.  Again it turned out a perfect soarable afternoon for those who flew.


2011-10-15 Tan Hill

Janine and Harry our dog and myself arrived at the barn at the bottom of Milk to see some flying on Tan Hill.  The wind was SE’ly so made lots of sense for a trundle up the hill meeting up with a few fellow pilots en route.  Met up with Lee and Cloudbase and my wingman John and enjoyed late morning and early afternoon fly.  Earlier it was easy to get height but later on became quite light at times and made staying up a little more tricky.  Late afternoon some of those flying on White Horse made a mad dash in a thermal and flew overhead which was great to see.  As always the lovely flight back down to the barn to end the day.  Oh and the smell of Harry who had rolled in fox poo!!!

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