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2011-12-27 Milk and Milk Hill combo day

A wonderful, unexpected whole day’s flying on Milk Hill and Milk Hill White Horse. It was great to meet up with folks again after what seems an age of being grounded due to er….challenging weather. Gold stars to Theano Pitrakou for a great first post qualifying flight.  Bagged another 2 hours of flying and lots of ground handling.


2011-10-01 & 02 Fantastic flying weekend on Tan & White Horse

Saturday: A whole weekend of flying in the high pressure and nearly 30 degrees balmy Indian summer.  Saturday started with flying on Tan Hill as the wind was SE’ly.  Met up with Cloudbase and had a lovely morning flying on Tan with wingman John.  At least 2 hours in the morning followed by a lovely glide to the landing field back at the barn to pack up and walk up towards those flying on White Horse.  Pitched up and then flew until late evening, lovely!!!!

Sunday: John and I headed back to White Horse to be met with others early.  The conditions were light to start with for some ground handling and light soaring but soon picked up and became very useable and quite thermic.  I crossed over the first hill towards Walkers Hill for the first time and had some lovely climbs over the horse.  Picked a climb up to 2200 feet AMSL which was about base due to the inversion.  Headed over the back towards Milk track and pushed back to White Horse to continue flying.  Nearly 4.5 hours of flying on Sunday and a fantastic weekend.  The busiest day I have seen on White Horse.


2011-09-30 evening on White Horse

Back to White Horse in the evening for some lovely soaring and flying with friends until the sun set. Very magical what more can I say!

2011-09-27 Milk Hill White Horse

Another trip back to the Milk Massif for a late afternoon.  Met up with Cloudbase and Peter and John who were completing their CP courses and successfully passed. Well done to them.  We continued to fly into the evening.  Earlier lots of cloud around kept it smooth but later the sun came out and made it more buoyant and a chance to push well out front of the White Horse.  Lovely evening.

2011-09-24 Milk Hill

Lovely flying on Milk Hill.  Due to be blown out a 5am start was required down the M4 and traveled to Milk Hill, unfortunately there was still lots of mist around and it took until 8am to start to clear.  It cleared nicely for a 3 hours of flying in the morning followed by a little break then it continued to work into the afternoon.  Got very thermic later on and Fiona got away on a cross country.  It got a little too rough and windy later in the day but met John and we headed round to White Horse when it went southerly for some end of day ground handling fun.  John had his new Team 5 Blue wing to play with.

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