About, History and Plans

Welcome to my blog on Paragliding! I hope to record my experiences Paragliding on sites on given days.

As a little bit of history:

2009 I learned to Paraglide with www.cloudbaseparagliding.com starting June  that year and qualified as Club Pilot September.  Before I was qualified I also learned in Slovenia flying in the high Alps with the school it was an incredible experience.  Joined the Thames Valley Hang Gliding Club http://www.tvhgc.co.uk and continued to fly from the club sites in Wiltshire and learning lots.

2010 Lots more holidays and flying in every type of condition from the ice cold winter, wet and warm and spring thermic days. Summer of 2010 started to explore thermal flying and expanding my experiences with the help of Lee Bligh CFI from Cloudbase and Richard Bungay, Cheif Coach from TVHGC.  Did my first competition with a BCC round in Wales.  Spent the year consolidating skills and flying from every possible site in the local area and further afield in Wales and Malverns.

2011 Qualified as Pilot and did my first 35km XC in Slovenia and nearly 20km XC in the UK from Combe Gibbet, with my first entry on the XC League http://www.xcleague.com/xc/leagues/view-1.html?XcSID=ab2f5e52d1b4cb34712789b48d63508c.  Upgraded my wing to Team 5 DHV1-2 to provide a little more control thermalling and performance on glides.  All my objectives this year have now been met and my new goal for next year is 20+km UK XC (Cross Country) flights (maybe this year if we get some nice conditions).  I also achieved some personal bests, highest flight 7000 feet in Slovenia and UK 4000 feet.  I plan to continue to fly all thought the end of UK flying season and through the winter as last year with my friends and will be ready for the start of next season.

2012 Aims –  Longest PB XC flight 20+km may 30km :-), another trip back to Slovenia for some more XC flying.





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