2011-12-02 Milk Hill

With a rubbish forecast the day before and meant to be all blown out I had checked the late evening forecast and things were moving slower and looked like another small window to be gained.  So headed down at 7.30am to arrive at 9am on Milk Hill and to a glorious sunny, blue sky scene, fabulous.  However arrived to find nil wind at the top so hung around guessing a few folks would be visiting soon.  After an hour a few pilots arrived however still light we gabbed the gear and headed to launch.  Suddenly the track resembled the M4 with almost 20 odd pilots joining the parawaiting party.   Around mid day the wind picked up enough to launch but still not enough to soar more than a few beats so held off whilst ground handling.  The front of launch resembled a fish tank with those trying to soar… far to busy for me I held off.   The forecasted claggy top cover of a warm front slowly pushed in and cleared the hill a bit to allow me to grab a bit of flying before the drizzle arrived and shut down the flying.

Never seen Milk Hill sooooo busy in a long while, incredible and its early December :-))

Great again to meet the usual pose and thanks to Lee for taking this pic.


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2 responses to “2011-12-02 Milk Hill”

  1. dukeofted says :

    Desperation kicking in. Looks like St Alhelms near Swanage had the best of the conditions that day. Still airtime is airtime.

  2. nikvaliris says :

    Definitely some desperation going on 🙂 Need to try some other sites over winter too.

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